Gentlemen's Affair

About Gentlemen's Affair...

Gentlemen's Affair was funded in 2001 by designer Lise Nyborg Pedersen. She has since then created thousands of unique models for women that want to be feminine with personal style. Gentlemen's Affair has many male customers who buy gift for their sweethearts due to the brands sexy cut, and power diva attitude. Gentlemen´s affair has an edgy-retro touch, with some inspiration from the old Hollywood stars, but always useful up to date and easy to wear. The quality is genuine as the days before mass global production hit off.


Each model is produced in maximum 17 pieces pr col, and everything is 100% European. Lise collects high quality fabric and accessories all over the European continent, especially in Italy and Spain where she lives most of the year.


The Goldie overall is the most famous item ever made, inspired from "Goldie Hawn" in the film "swing shift" - where a group of women worked on a aircraft factory. Goldie is worn by celebrities like Liv Tyler and Helena Kristensen, and X-Factor star Heidi.